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: Playing with a bold colour and pulling it off :

Is Red Right For You?
The first thing you want to ask yourself when educating yourself on how to wear red is, if it is a colour that is right for you. Undoubtedly, red is a colour that calls a lot of attention and focus when worn. I absolutely J'adore Red and being blonde it emphasises the colour of my hair but it does take confidence to pull it off. If you want all eyes on you then red will most definitely do this!
When it comes to giving advice on how to wear red, the first thing you should ask yourself does this colour suit my personality? Can you stand up to the power of red? And do you feel comfortable wearing it? You need confidence to wear red as a main colour in an outfit, especially if you plan to wear it head to toe. So firstly, you need to ask yourself if red is right for you? Everybody is different and it is what makes you feel and look your best that matters most.
Lets get to the main part.. There are many different tones in red from warm red to cool red

Warm red is slightly more yellow whilst cooler red is slightly more blue, there are lots of different shades on the spectrum, some are more vibrant, softer or muted. If you start by identifying if warm or cool red is best for you, as knowing which shade of red works best, will then help you pull off wearing it from head to toe like a pro!

Mixing the shades

As you can see in the above picture I have mixed the red hues. Here, I am working with more cooler reds, I find these suit my skin and hair colour more, they would normally be my go to shades. Everyone has their own preference, some people like to stick to one shade and then add in different coloured accessories. My personal preference and what I have done here is combined three different colours of red. I feel confident doing this and mixing the colours makes my outfit more appealing. Below I have put together a table to help you if you wanted to combine three different shades of red. 

Adding different hues, firstly pick your basic normal red shown as the first circle on the graph above. Depending on which reds you think suit you more you can take the colour hues from the graph to help guide you on what works well together. 

Tint, these are softer reds and pinks or more warmer reds. I would combine these three together by starting with either the bold red for your trousers, the light pink for your blouse and the rose pink as your blazer, or the other option would be to use the bold red as your blouse and either pinks for your blazer and trouser.  

Shade, now this is adding a slight black to the hue darkness and coolness. As you can see this is exactly the same as what I have styled together for my outfit as shown above. These colours all work well together, the tones help to emphasise the look and they bounce of each other, I absolutely love this outfit, you can't go wrong with it. If you wanted too you could swap the bold red trousers and have that colour for your blouse.

Tone, adding grey to the hue will create a degree of difference in the reds intensity of colour. The rich red colour and the slight grey tones will mix beautifully together. Again I would style these similar to how I have above or I would wear a red blazer, dark plum trousers and a light red/plum blouse. Perfect!!

You can use this graph above as a base line to help you select the colours that will work well together when you mix and match the reds. Simply pull out the garments you have in mind, and either lay them on the floor or hang them amongst each other, so you can create the look as if you would be wearing it. Revert back to this graph and the order in which I would wear them stated above, then hopefully those combined will help you get the look!! Accessorise by using a different shade colour, I have worn white Adidas pumps with my look. You can also use a scarf to accessorise, for example a dark blue scarf would work well with this look or a black scarf would too. Keep the accessories a different colour to the red.   

The most important thing to consider is how you feel when you wear it. Regardless of whether you look good and consider yourself educated on how to wear red, it’s important to make sure this is a colour you enjoy wearing. What we wear can have an effect on our mood and how we feel. Always make sure you feel good in yourself and the clothes you are styling yourself in. 
Be confident and own it, remember if you need any extra help or tips I am always here. If you get stuck just send me pictures and I will help you combine the colours. But mostly have fun and enjoy it. Life is worth living and we all deserve to be happy in oneself!  

    TrousersMango These are similar to mine which I purchased from Mango, if you want a tight fit go for your normal size or for one down. If you want a slightly looser fit go for the next size up like I have!

Blazer- Mine is from Mango, simular Zara which is a nice deep maroon red, or they also have a burgundy red blazer which is super cute too Zara

BlouseMango this one is simular to mine, it has a bow around the neck instead of being a polo-neck.

: Shop my style below :

Did it catch you off guard too? Who would have thought the puffer jacket would have made a comeback !! But don't you just love it !!

Yes the coat that was seen back in the day on the ski slopes, or thrown on for a dog walk or worn to cycle to work. It is now the sought after coat. It’s on the catwalk; on the backs of celebrities wafting through city streets, it has been spotted on rihanna, been all over fashion bloggers, you can't miss them! The best thing about them it feels like your wearing a sleeping back, comfy snug and warm BUT still super chic and trendy. 

I have thrown together some of the best that I have spotted for you all to drool over. I was lucky enough to find mine at vintage shop which I happened to stumble across. 

Red seems to be the colour that everyone wants when it comes to the puffer jacket, if you like red then be sure to grab this quick as it is flying off the shelves!

Picture courtesy of ASOS

This colour is going to be the in thing, be sure to see lilac everywhere this coming season. I purchased this puffer jacket by River Island and I am in love with it. The fit suits me perfect and the double layering gives it that extra bit of detail and edge. 

Picture courtesy of River Island

This super cute puffer jacket in fuchsia is perfect for creating that oversized boyfriend look. You can always trust Mango to bring you that extra special something, and if you can't afford luxury then this is defiantly the next best thing!

Picture courtesy of Mango

The superstar who set the trend for the puffer jackets, her collection with Fenty x Puma is defiantly out there. Yes she has done it again, and if it is print that you are after then this is the one for you!

Picture courtesy of Selfridges

If the price tag is no issue then this iconic puffer jacket is yours! As seen on celebrities this impressive jacket comes in a different variety of colours. Go big, why not girl you deserve to make a statement!!

Picture courtesy of  Balenciaga

If you are unsure if you can pull of that oversized puffer jacket . Then here are some tips on what to pair it with to help complete your look..

How to keep it in proportion
When it’s oversize

High waisted denim jeans 
Crisp white shirt or T-shirt
Jeans with ripped hems
High waisted skirt

When its too big and you literally
look like you have a sleeping bag on!

Wear the jacket off the shoulder 

Long oversized T-shirt or shirt

Skinny Jeans

Ankle boots with heel/ kitten heel

Picture courtesy of Vogue

Pictures courtesy of Vogue


 Lets welcome the New Year with a big warm hug!

I hope you all had the most magical Christmas with all your family and took some time out for yourself. Everyone always seems to be so busy around this time of the year, that we all forget to just breathe!

Now that 2017 is so last year what have you been thinking about for 2018.. Have you got anything that you want to change, any new years resolutions that you want to stick to? 

It is a great time to make any changes "New Year New you" as they say. What changes do you want AND are you going to stick at them?

It's January 3rd, the start of a fresh new year, the time when we all make those New Year's resolutions. You swear you're finally going to stick to your resolution, only to fall at the first hurdle. For many the clock of failure is already ticking. What's the difference between those who stick to their New Years resolutions and those who don't?

Clarity or purpose. And a plan!

And as one of the most empowering life coach says..

    Picture- Courtesy of Tony Robbins

So will you be the one that sticks to it or will you slip back into your old ways..
I have come up with a few tips to help you on your journey and to hopefully help you stick at it for longer then February!
1. Set yourself goals and a plan!
Create a super clear vision of what exactly it is that you want to achieve, by having this clear vision it has been shown to optimise reaching it. We aren't talking about vague goals for example "I want to become a manager, get a pay rise or become self employed" You need to get into depth with it, have a plan and strategy for what exactly it is you want to achieve. Choose things to do that will help you get nearer to that goal everyday. Also think-in-ink. Put pen to paper or list on your laptop bullet points to take action to reach this goal. Write these down and then tick them off as you go.

2. Have you thought about your self-esteem? 

Banish the negatives and think of all the good things people say about you, feeling good about yourself will empower you to reach that New Years goal. Set that level of respect for oneself and learn to love yourself more.
Each morning or evening spend a few minutes visualising the positive things people have said about you, as research shows doing this will absorb more positivity in your self-esteem. 

3. Self-talk, Your inner speech  

So many of us have the wrong inner monologue. When setting a goal, does your inner monologue start like- "I can’t manage this, I can't achieve that" etc? (Check my previous post which dives deeper into self-talk)
Well STOP letting it take over and re-phrase your thought to "I shall try my best today, I will achieve this by doing each bit each day".

4. Focus on progress, not perfection

Perfection is unattainable. Aim for "pretty good." What I mean is don't beat yourself up with minor mishaps like you ate dessert or chocolate because you felt stressed or you skipped the gym that week. Everyday week you will have ups and downs but the best way is to just get back on track, see it as a mishap and then resolve it and you will quickly recover. Majority of people will overestimate what they can accomplish in a day or even set goals that are non-achievable that day. Then they will underestimate what they can achieve in a year. So if you do "pretty good" all year round, when it draws to the end of the year you will feel SUPER GOOD about all your achievements!

5. Set check points

Its one thing to have a goal that says something like, I want to be a CEO by October 20th 2018.” It’s another thing to say, “I want to do this per month, every month this year.” The latter gives you something to work with. You need to achieve something small every month, which keeps you on pace, and gets you to that goal. If your only goal is to be self employed or a CEO by the end of the year, it’s easy to put things off until August or September (when it’s almost too late).
Check in on how you are doing each week or month, and give yourself that positive boost on the hard work and effort you are putting into achieving those goals and New Years resolutions!!

Over all have the best year, take each day as it comes and remember don't be afraid of time. Time can work to your advantage as long as you plan well and have a strong meaning to your why (why you are doing it)!

Love to you all and Happy New Year.

Do you ever find yourself wondering through life trying to find your feet and not knowing who you are or what you want!?

Well I think many of us can agree, and we have all probably felt lost at times, not sure what direction or route to go down and we look for all the signs and signals as to what path to take. Being in the late 20's myself I do believe that these are the toughest years. Your trying to grow as a person, find a job that you are passionate about, create a good future for yourself and your family and on top of that trying to follow and fit into the structured society that rules our lives today.

Lets go back to when we are young, we are told to go to school and do well, we are then asked to pick subjects that we have an interest in and go to university all at such a young age, but who actually fully knows what they want to do when they are 16/17 years old and why is it pushed on us during a time when we are not quite mature enough to make those big decisions! Did you know exactly what you wanted to do? Are you still doing it now?

Social Media has also impacted today's society, I have a love hate relationship with social media. Yes it is an awesome business tool and a great way to express ones self, get exposure and help other people. But the downside of it is you only see the good side of people's lives, which can create a skewed self-image. We post pictures of us looking perfect and share the good news. We never post pictures of ourselves through the bad times like when someone we love leaves, when we lose a job or when we are just having a really bad day! We never share the bad news that always clouds our lives. We are always comparing ourselves with other people, how have they got this, how do they afford to do that and I think social media has played a huge part in this. We should all just be lucky that we are alive and that we exist and grateful for what we have. 

Being a Virgo I am very critical of oneself, and I also get that annoying voice in my head that tells me "You can't do that" "Why would anyone listen to you" YES THAT VOICE! The nasty negative one that we all let take control of our thoughts everyday! It is a voice that has grown increasingly stronger over the years as a result of being around the wrong influences, thinking the wrong thoughts, developing the wrong philosophy and making the wrong decisions.

Why do we think negatively when we know better?
Because thinking negatively, expecting “the worst,” seeing the downside of positive situations, and even downright expecting failure, all convey a kind of backwards-thinking, emotional insurance policy.  It goes something like, “If I expect a tragedy, then I won’t be disappointed when it takes place.”
Our desire to want to be right is another common reason we subconsciously choose negative thinking.  Sometimes, as foolish as it sounds, we would rather be right about our negative predictions than have a positive outcome prove us wrong. We can never totally eradicate all our negative thoughts but we can effectively silence this destructive influence by developing a sound philosophy and a positive attitude about life and our future.
Here is a guide that has helped me wash out those nasty thoughts and might help you lead a more positive and fulfilled life.
1. Pick up some personal development books
There are so many books out there that people have all ready written for us, they can help with your happiness, health, wealth and teach us how to get the life we want AND guess what, it also costs absolutely nothing to sign up to a library near you, where you have unlimited amount of free books which you can read each month!! If you have absolutely no idea where to start here are a few icons of mine that I have learnt from and found very useful in my day to day life:
Jim Rohn (legend)- Any of his books are very helpful, I particularly like "7 Strategies for Wealth and Happiness" and "Leading an Inspired life" His CD "The Art of Exceptional living" is also very inspiring! You can find these here Jim Rohn Books 
Tony Robbins- He has built a hugely successful name for himself and helped changed so many peoples life's on his journey. He has also worked with celebrities and parliament members, you can watch his YouTube videos and feel inspired! A good book to start with is "Awaken The Giant Within: How to Take Immediate Control of Your Mental, Emotional, Physical and Financial Life Tony Robbins Books
Napoleon Hill- He is an American self-help author. He is known best for his book "Think and Grow Rich" which is among the 10 best selling self-help books of all time. Napoleon Hill Books

2. Positive Thinking and creating a new philosophy

How can we change our personal philosophy? An effective way to change your personal philosophy is slowly. Do one discipline at a time. You want to avoid overwhelming yourself. Disciplines would be, reading a book to study what you are failing in, getting up earlier, creating a journal and writing your goals and things you want to achieve. Each discipline practised everyday will then become a habit.

Your decision and actions under you current philosophy are done effortlessly. It's already a habit. It did not happen overnight, but was embedded over the last few years, day by day. There is only one way to turn that around. For example if you are in financial trouble, you need to study your finances, pick up a book and read about how to improve them. You need to find the cause of the problem. You need to cut out the actions that are not contributing to your overall financial success. 

Are you over budget each month? Are you spending money poorly? Are you saving any money from your income? Focus on what you want and this will then help to change your philosophy. Instead you have to know that your current philosophy is not generating desired results so begin to focus on the results you want.  If you fail to make any change and continue to run the same pattern of poor judgment You will never get out of that trap that you find yourself in! I A good Book to help change your philosophy and set those disciplines in your life is The Miracle Morning : The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8AM) by Hal Elrod
I also believe in the law of attraction, and we attract everything we have. All the negative thoughts and bad situations that we have in our lives are drawn to us through our own mental state. But if there was a way to change that, and a way to lead a happier life style would you follow the rules and stick to disciplines to create that new path? A book that I love is The Secret by Rhonda Byrne Byrne cites a three-step process to achieve: ask, believe, and receive. This book can change a person's life. If you use the principles given in this book and belief in yourself. Positive thinking can take you a long way, and I know everyone has bad days its natural to but try not to let them take over your mind-set and learn techniques to let the negative thoughts go and the positive thoughts lead.
I do think we should all give ourselves a pat on the back more often, give yourself a compliment every day. When you wake up in the morning set the day right think and of daily affirmations so when you get out of bed and take your first step each step shout out that affirmation, for example "I am thankful and grateful to be alive" or "This is a good day. This is going to be a really good day." Saying things like this will set your day of straight and you will have a positive outlook.

3. Mindfulness and Meditation 

Mindfulness is the basic human ability to be fully present, aware of where we are and what we're doing, and not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what's going on around us. 
Meditation is a practice where an individual operates or trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness to allow the mind to engage in peaceful thoughts. Meditation is often used to clear the mind, reduce stress,  promote relaxation or train the mind. Practise meditation, introduce it slowly into your life, could be once a month or once a week and just start by meditating either before you go to bed or in the morning. It can be anything from 10 minutes long to 30 minutes long. There are lots of brilliant Apps and Books that can guide you on how to meditate or there are plenty or websites and blogs where you can learn all about mindfulness.

Try not to take on too much at a time, I would introduce everything slowly and learn and then you can develop as a more fulfilled person. Don't beat yourself up if you miss a day or a week, life gets in the way but just set yourself some you time and pick up where you left off. 
You are all doing a fantastic job, I'll leave you with a quote that my boyfriend sent me once during the times when I was letting my negative voice control my emotions.

Do you think you are going No Where in Life?
Take a deep breathe
New York is three hours ahead of California, but that does not make California slow.
Cameroon is six  hours ahead of New York but it does not make New York slow.
Someone graduated from college at 22 but waited five years before securing a job.
Someone became a CEO at 25 but died at 50.
Someone became a CEO at 50 but lived to 90 years.
Someone is still single,
While another is married with children.
Obama retired at 55,
& Trump started at 70
Everyone in this world works based on their time zone. 
People around you might seem to be ahead of you, & some might seem to be behind you.
But everyone is running their own race, in their own time.
They are in their time zone, and you are in yours.
Life is about waiting for the right moment to act
So, relax.
You're not late.
You're not early.

You are very much on time.

You have probably seen those super cosy and comfy teddy coats, all over bloggers Instagram's and social media. But which one would be the perfect one for you and where can you buy them from.
I did some research and I also purchased a few for myself, to see what coat would work well and sit on me correctly, because I could defiantly go from looking cute and chic to a pimp daddy! 

As the days are getting a lot colder now what better way to wrap up and keep warm by wearing a big fluffy oversized coat, that feels like you are in your dressing gown... GOALS! I searched high and low for one that I loved, and as you can see in my pictures I am so happy with this coat. After searching the web I did not have much luck but whilst I was in London down Oxford street, during one of the most busiest times of the year, that was black Friday. Yes I timed it right, but I actually stumbled across this teddy coat in Urban Outfitters, plus it was part of their black Friday deal .. GET IN! I was back and forth trying on the medium or small (worrying about that pimp look), but I finally decided the small would work better for me and would 100% suit me more, also allowing me to still fit a thick jumper underneath it. There is nothing worse then when you put a jumper on underneath your coat and you can't move your arms, restricting you from doing things like hugging your friends or even reaching for an item on a rail! ;)  
I have got to say though, this coat is super comfy and so warm the teddy name really does suit it. If you are thinking of buying one for your self or as a Christmas present I would defiantly recommend this 

: Here are a few others that I would recommend :

Bohoo Freya Boutique Longline Faux Fur Coat this coat feels gorgeous and soft, it is longline faux fur fabric instead of short pile teddy bear fabric. It is well made but it does tend to moult a little bit, so make sure you are not wearing your best jeans. 

H&M they have really upped their fashion and branding recently and are defiantly at the top of their game. Watch out high street brands H&M is killing it!  In their collection of coats they have a few short and long pile, I tried this one on H&M Short pile it was great but I wanted a longer coat which sat below the knee, and also being fair I do have to be a bit careful with beige colours as I can looked washed out. 

Next is also one to check out, I tried on two of their coats one being a red woollen boucle coat and seeing as red is a key colour for this season I thought I must try it Next red coat. The colour was perfect and sumptuous but the fitting was not what I was after. Another one of Next's coat is the Pink Faux Fur coat. Now this one really felt luxurious, the short pile fur was so soft it felt beautiful on my hands. The colour is gorgeous too so it is worth trying on, the shape did not quite suit me but who's to say it wouldn't look gorgeous on you!

Topshop have a super cute Longline borge coat which is a dark emerald green colour, beautiful I love this colour. It sits right and looks chic, it is an all round nice coat. Perfect for a gift as well.

Mango, now I love mango and I have recently fell more in love with them. Their coats are defiantly worth looking at, if you want something which is a little more edgy, and with a slight contrast this would be the one for you! Mango contrast coat, it has a pop pink colour which sits around the bottom of the cuffs, so if you are looking for an extra little something with a different style this would be it!

Pull & Bear have a wide range of faux fur coats and if you are looking for a shorter style coat that is lighter, then this one would work. Pull and Bear Faux fur, it also comes in different colours so whichever one takes your fancy. 

Max Mara, if you don't have a budget and you want something that is defiantly an iconic coat then I highly recommend Max Mara's Teddy Bear Coat, or the beautiful Red Teddy Bear coat. Be sure to catch celebrity Kim Kardashian and blogger Caroline Daur wearing one of these pieces. The coat is oversized and made with camel wool, defiantly an investment piece that will hold its wear.

I hope this post has helped you find the perfect coat for your winter wardrobe, and saved you going through the hassle of searching for that special one.

Flawless skin, who doesn't want it and god forbid why is it too much to ask for? Those late nights catch up on us, leaving us with those cheeky dark circles and when you have a big event or party you always get that uninvited friend turn up just in time, THE SPOT!
We cleanse our face, we exfoliate twice a week, and moisturise. We even go to the extent of trying new face creams, face wash and anything that we believe will help us on this on going battle. So why is it so hard to get the dewy glowing flawless skin and is there anything we can do to try and achieve it. Well it is not going to happen overnight I can tell you that, but you CAN start to put the groundwork in, and help to save your skin.

Hopefully I can help shed some light on techniques and products that I use within the beauty industry, the industry that is worth billions of pounds and has us all hooked!! I have provided links to make it just that bit more easier for you. 
Enjoy xo

To start you off, here is my GOLDEN RULE

Are you ready for it...... It is very simple, and for some of us it is just pure discipline! Here we go...

Make sure you always (and I mean ALWAYS) remove your makeup before hitting that comfy bed of yours. You need to allow your skin to breathe overnight and makeup prevents that, we all know that leaving it on overnight clogs the pores which may cause those pesky friends to appear again. I mean you wouldn't leave mud of dirt on your body let alone your face would you? So every night just drill it into your regime so it then becomes a habit. 

I try and stay away from the face wipes, yes they do make it ever so easy to swipe and wipe, but I find these are not the best things for removing makeup or for your skin. Every now and then I can understand especially if you are on the move, on holiday or staying in a hotel that evening, as they are easy to grab. 
I normally use coconut oil or olive oil on a cotton wool pad (you don't need much) and gently massage the oil onto my face to remove all my makeup, even on my eyes, just be careful to not overload this area with oil. You can find these at your local supermarket, herbal shops or even in your kitchen. I would advise to have a separate one for cooking and for your face though. Using oil to remove makeup is perhaps better than using harsh chemicals found in other make up removers. Those with oily skin sometimes feel that the excess oil can cause more harm. Well your in luck, it is not so. Oil helps dissolve the dirt and sebum without stripping the face of the natural oils. So voila, all skin types can use oil.


Sun and skin.. sun and skin, yes that is what I said and you know what I am going to say here ladies! We should always be applying that sunscreen with SPF of at least 15 that will block both UVA and UVB rays. 
Since the sun is a main factor for the cause of wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems it is a must. I mean if you want to rock that leather look when your older then by all means don't use it but like myself and the majority of us we do not want that! One habit of mine is .. 
I always carry a small bottle of sun cream that you can use on your face around with me, I even leave one in my car for on the go. I will top this up during the day and even when then sun isn't shining or its a cloudy day those rays will still be there hitting on your face, so I will still apply it.
Help protect your skin from the sun by using sun cream, but try and make sure the label reads ‘noncomedogenic’ so that the product does not tend to block pores. 
A lot of our face creams do have SPF in them, but this still does not stop me from topping up during the day with my small bottle. Try and stay clear of direct contact with the sun during peak hours (between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.) and avoid those tanning beds for good!!


It's that time off the month your craving sugars and lots of chocolate, girl I feel you. We all get that but don't you find those friends of yours start to appear in groups and around your chin, more of them then usual (the hormonal friends).
There isn't much we can do to prevent this but ways to help, is to try and ignore that voice in your head the one that says you need some chocolate and start eating fresh fruits, greens (spinach is my favourite), sufficient protein and vitamins. Get rid of those greasy foods, which will make your skin look dull and swap it for a healthier balanced diet. A diet rich in vitamin C and low in fats and bad sugar will help promote radiant skin. Consider a low-sugar diet, which can keep insulin levels down, allowing cells to maintain a healthy balance. 
You may find, like I have experienced before that when you do change your diet and you quit eating sugar and unhealthy foods your spots will suddenly get worse and maybe stay for longer. I call it the cleansing process, and your body is probably trying to remove the bad toxins from your skin, which will create more spots, BUT if you persevere with it you will reap the rewards and be spot free. PLUS you will feel so much better in yourself.


Sleep, if you don't sleep it may end up starting to show on your face and you will start to look tired. The solutions, well we don't need a scientist for this... try not to skip your beauty sleep and avoid staying awake till the late hours in the night. The lack of sleep causes the blood vessels to dilate, and this results in those annoying dark circles. I recommend seven to eight hours of sleep if you want healthy skin. 
Sleep is an important part of our day and the skin undergoes repair, restoration and rebalancing. The dead skin cells will disappear and the new skin cells will appear. So lack of sleep will disrupt this process. 
If you do suffer with not being able to sleep then try these tips, which will hopefully help you.
Crystals !! I sleep with them next to my bed every night, I have a selection and different ones are used for different things. Crystal Muse supply beautiful crystals and they provide a good detailed description on how the crystal can help you for the link to their website here at crystal muse 

You can also try exercising to realise any stress you might have or place lavender on your pillow or light a lavender candle.


It is a remedy that was been around for years, drink plenty of water everyday. To get that permanent radiant skin, water therapy is a good way to go, as it will help you achieve that glowing, fresh and young skin look that we all want to achieve. 
If you try and incorporate drinking water into you everyday life, around 7-10 glasses a day it will keep you healthy and you should start to notice a difference. 
The benefits of drinking water in the morning are you get bright, radiant skin because water removes all the toxins from the blood, leaving behind fresh skin. It helps in colon cleansing that leads to absorption of nutrients from the food you eat. I normally start my day of with a cup of boiling water and a slice of lemon, which helps with your skin and also the digestive system. Drinking any water, or especially warm water, first thing in the morning can help flush the digestive system and rehydrate the body. We are all guilty of starting something and then being really good for a week or two or maybe a month, then slowly we slip back into our bad habits and we simply stop what we were so desperate to start and stick at, well if you can try and bring water into your diet everyday it will become a habit and you will see results. 


When tackling these annoying visitors I swear by using Aloe Vera gel, I normally cleanse my face before bed every evening and apply my normal face creams avoiding the spots, and then I will apply a generous amount of Aloe Vera onto my spots, gently massaging it in and then leaving it to soak over night. You can apply this however often you want and by the morning my spots have closed up, they aren't as red and they start to disappear. I will repeat this until they have fully gone. Aloe Vera is a power plant, it is excellent for most things. You can purchase it online, at a health store or even grow your own. If purchased in store I would recommend just looking at the ingredients to make sure there is no nasty's in there and that it is just Aloe Vera. It will be a clear gel, not green or any other colour. 


When it comes to taking the proper steps to keep my face looking as young as possible, I am borderline obsessed. I religiously follow my anti-aging skincare routine. One of the most important steps in my routine is moisturising. 
I started using face creams when I was 21 years of age, I would recommend doing this and start to build that routine of applying it before bed and in the morning everyday. Everyone should find a face cream which suits their skin, some people like it light and others thick so it is good to find one that works well for you. With the right day and night creams, you can protect and nourish your skin 24 hours a day. 
Always apply day cream in the morning as during the day, skin is subject to damaging UV rays, pollution, environmental stresses, and makeup, so creams designed for use during the day are primarily focused on protection and support. Hydration and protection are the two main benefits of using day cream. Think of your day cream as the protective shield against the environmental influences it might face throughout the day.

Night time is a different process, the blood circulation, nutrient supply and cell regeneration will work hard overnight. Night time is when skin does its heavy lifting. Like the rest of the body, skin does the bulk of its repairing, restoring, and regenerating while we sleep, so night creams are focused on moisture and recovery.
Night cream contains rich, nourishing ingredients to support these natural regenerating processes so you wake up with soft, supple skin.

I have been through many different creams, testing them and seeing if they suit my skin type. When it comes to picking a cream I will normally do my research before hand. I will look at what is in them, what it is going to help prevent and cure, I will check reviews and see how other people have got on with it. 
I do like to invest in my skin, so I tend to stay away from lower priced face creams sold in your everyday shop and I will willingly purchase higher priced ones. 

I am currently using Skin Doctor UK day and night cream, and the instant facelift. The moisturiser comes in 50 single measured dose ampoules, which is great because you only need to use one on each application so you know how much you are applying. Each ampoule contains 0.3ml of serum, this will cover all your face and neck. It is so smooth and silky it feels gorgeous when you apply it to your face. Take a at their website for more information Skin Doctors 
You can also purchase Skin Doctor from Very uk 
Sometimes we tend to cover our face with to much face cream but the skin will simply not absorb all of it. Using too much face cream can cause your skin to become dependent on it for moisture, creating tired and lazy skin that has a dull appearance. Try and avoid applying moisturiser with a heavy hand as this will ultimately lead to clogged pores, breakouts, and dull skin. If you have layered on to much then the excess moisturiser does not get absorbed and it will actually suffocate your skin.


When applying your face cream make sure you go in circular motions and in certain directions. When I first started using face cream I was not aware that there was a technique to achieve better results and I was pretty much just chucking it on. Someone who gives the best advice on how to apply your face cream is Charlotte Tilbury, she provides detailed instruction and a video to show you each step on 
The magic cream is also fabulous, I have tried it myself. Follow these tips and you will start to learn then best ways to apply your face creams.


Now we cant forget the most delicate part of our face, the eyes! Please do not use your face cream under your eyes, it will be to thick and it will not target those crows feet. 
Eye cream is a must have and you only need a small amount using your ring finger, and gently applying it on the orbital bone surrounding the eye area but not going right up to the bottom eyelid. Find a nice smooth eye cream which glides on, I use Epione by Dr. Simon Ourian, who created his Epione skincare range to complement his treatments and services. Kim Kardashian swears by it and I am not lying it is one of the best eye creams I have used, the gel is very soft and silky when you apply it and it honestly feels beautiful under the eyes. 
You might also be able to purchase it on Amazon.


Oh Face masks how we love thee.. they are a great way to help your skin, I normally apply one every week or every two weeks depending on my weekly schedules. 
I would recommend the Gold Brightening facial treatment by 111 Skin or their Mesu infusion overnight micro mask, they will help you get that dewy glowing look. Here is a link to their website
111 Skin  

If you are tight for cash or you do not want to spend money on a face mask, do not worry you can create some simple homemade face masks using fruits and ingredients straight from your kitchen. I have put together some easy homemade recipes, which will help you achieve beautiful skin. 

Green Tea Water And Honey Face Pack - (I drink around 3- 4 cups of green tea a day so I love this)
What You Need
  • 1 cup of green tea water (cooled down)
  • 2 spoons of rice flour
  • ½ spoon of honey
  • Firstly make sure your skin is clean so the best time to do this is in the morning or once you come out the bath.
  • Mix the above ingredients and apply the paste to your skin.
  • Once applied massage it onto your skin in circular motions, or use the Charlotte Tilbury method. This will help remove your dead skin cells. Then leave it on for about 20 minutes or more, or till the mask dries completely.
  • Then simply wash of your mask using warm water and a flannel. Then wash your face with cold water to give you an even skin tone. 

The antioxidants in green tea water will flush out the free radicals and toxins from your skin. Adding honey will help protect your face from bacteria. It also improves the texture of the skin and keeps it moisturised. The rice flour acts as an excellent scrub. 

Cocoa Dream Hydration Mask

Avocado is extremely hydrating, cocoa is pore refining and a great antioxidant, and honey is antibacterial and soothing.

What you need
  • 1 quarter of avocado
  • 1 tbsp. of cocoa powder
  • 1 tbsp. of honey

  • Mash 1 quarter of the avocado.
  • The stir in 1 Tbsp. of cocoa powder and 1 Tbsp. of honey.
  • Make sure your face is nice and clean then apply to your face and leave it for 10 minutes.
  • Once you have done this remove with warm water and a flannel, then simply use your favourite face cream to moisturise after.

Homemade face scrub: Lemon and Sugar 
When life gives you lemons… make a facemask! For skin that’s looking a little dull and lacklustre, pep it up with a combination of lemon, sugar and olive oil. The sugar will physically slough off dead skin cells, whilst the citric acid in the lemon will naturally exfoliate. If that all sounds a tad harsh, don’t fear; the nourishing olive oil, which is high in vitamin E, will ensure your skin doesn’t feel too stripped.
What you need
  • 1/2 a fresh lemon
  • 1/2 a cup of granulated sugar
  • 1 tbsp. of olive oil
  • 1 tbsp. of honey

  • Begin by mixing together all of the above ingredients in a bowel, I would use a wooden spoon to mix them together.  
  • Apply it onto your face using your fingers and use gentle circular motions to exfoliate the face.
  • Then Leave the mask on for 5 - 10 minutes and rinse off using warm water. 

Try these face makes and let me know what you think, but obviously please be aware if you have sensitive skin or you are allergic to anything then avoid using them.

Lastly before I go I will give you some more tips on things to use and my day-to-day routine. 

Puffy, dark circled under eyes after that night out well all you need is some cold spoons, and magic! Place two spoons in the freezer and leave for half and hour. Once the time is up remove these and simply place them under your eyes, until the spoons are warm again. A frozen spoon can be used to reduce puffiness around the eyes
Another effective way to reduce the appearance of dark circles is to apply tea bags to your eyes, heat the tea bag up and once cooled place it under your eye for half an hour this is another trick I have that I have done.

Try and treat yourself to a facial once a month or every other month, look at places where people recommend going near you, or do you research on the best places. On their website they will have a list of their facials. I normally select ones that my skin would benefit from, for example brightening, tightening and hydration to helps achieve the glow look. 


Just to help you build your own routine up, I will tell you what I normally do everyday. 
Obviously I wake up, wash my face with cold water I will then apply a cleanser rinse this off and pat dry my face. I use a toner, my eye cream, Skin Doctors instant face lift and day cream. I will 100% make sure I use sun cream throughout the day as well to keep my skin protected. 
I will make a nice hot cup of lemon and water, or a green tea.
I try and give my face a break from wearing makeup so I will go two or three days with no make up on especially if I have any spots, I try and avoid covering them up so it lets them breathe and heal. 
If I do wear make up, I keep it nice and light so it looks natural. A really good moisturiser, which helps achieve the glowing dewy look is Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and Tinted Moisturiser- Illuminating, I will use either one of these depending on the occasion. The illuminating one glows more and is more dewy if you want to know the difference. if you are in the UK you can find Laura Mercier in department stores or Space nk.

During the night, I will remove my make up using coconut oil or olive oil, make sure I use a cleanser to wash my face. Weekly I will use a hot cloth cleanser by Organic Surge, I am so in love with this I have used it for ages now and it is also their multi award-winning product go check it out on 
Organic surge 
Once or twice a week I will exfoliate, if I use the hot cloth cleanser I then I will not exfoliate that evening, and then I apply my night cream as well before bed. 

If you can all find a good routine that suits you it will then start to become a habit, now I can not go to sleep without doing my normal night time routine or even start my day with out using my face creams. If you are not used to doing any of the above then maybe just try and introduce one thing each week or even every month, until you get used to doing it and then you can start to introduce another one and so on and so on, and slowly build it up. Hopefully you will then each day build a routine and implement the things I have spoken about into your daily life habits.

I really hope this helps you all and gives you an insight into a good skincare regime. Feel free to reach out to me if you have any issues with your skin or if you need and advice or tips.
Obviously I am not a doctor but I can advise you on the steps to take. We have got this ladies xox

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