Love the wide leg

I'll never lose my love for the skinny jeans but sometimes it's time for a switch up. For a skinny lover the wide leg trouser may appear a daunting task especially if you are only 5ft 4 and not blessed with super model legs. A pair of wide white leg trousers in a loose fabric like present the perfect opportunity to play with both silhouettes and prints.

01: Embrace the wide leg
Find a pair of wide leg trousers that suit you and step away from your skinny jeans you will be surprised with what is coming back in fashion, those wide leg trousers that we used to wear who like me still has some in her wardobe, dust them off and pair them with a pair of heels.

02: Hidden Secret
To help elongate your legs with your wide leg trousers, swap your trainers to some heels. The end of the trousers drape over your shoes and create an illusion to people eyes, tricking them to think your legs are longer.

03: White and Prints
White is an easy base to incorporate print or colour. A plain white tone and a bold loose coloured shirt, you really can't go wrong.

                                   : Trousers- H&M, Similar H&M : Shirt- Zara, Similar Zara :

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