lumière naturelle

Playing with natural light, a quick mess around with the camera just before the sun goes down. Exposed with so much sunshine illuminating my interior spaces I thought this would be a great way to create a natural look and feel, its easy and no fuss. I love women who wear minimal makeup and show their natural beauty, yes I think I look tired and have dark circles when I don't wear makeup but im trying to find otherways of solving that problem. Staying healthy, keeping hydrated (lots of water) and using face and eye creams which really suit my skin to help it illuminate and glow. It really is expensive being a woman, but I feel if I dont start now it will come back and haunt me later on in life.

I have fallen in love with bold romanesque jewellery, and like Rosie Fortesque starting the three gold ring trend, of course I had to get some. They can be used to make a statement or as the finishing touch to an outfit, I love being able to just throw jewellery on like I have here it just creates those final touches.

                              : Necklace Nasty Gal : Rings Nasty Gal : Jumper H&M, simular H&M :

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