Less is more

Transitioning through different trends I always find myself reverting back to my childhood by sporting the addidas 3-stripe shoes. My new obession and im so happy they are comfortable, the three stripes have always played a part in my wardrobe whilst growing up, from the popper tracksuit to the bomber jacket and im still sporting the brand with these fresh white trainers. Having Stella McCartney and Rita Ora playing key contirbuters to the brands fresh new looks. The brand has always had a space in my wardrobe its a simple way to tone down your outfit, you never know when you may need to run for that bus! Here are three more ways I have learnt how to create the simple cool look:

01. Play with shapes
Create a clean and crisp look with clothes that create different dimensions, look at the length and width and work them togther. Easy does it, so focus on the effortless and mix it with crisp shapes.

02:  Oversize
I'm a keen advocate for an oversized silhouette, as you can cetainly tell from my previous posts. Hunt down oversized culottes like the ones pictured above from Zara and shun your skinny jeans for loose fitting trousers.

03. Ditch the Jewelles
Skipping jewellery all together and keeping accessories to a minimum will create a more effortless look. Less is more, simplicity and clarity will emphasise and create that fresh easy look.

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