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I have been off the radar recently as everything has been very hectic, changing jobs from one to another trying to find my feet. Having started at two new places within the last 5 months I can finally say I am now happy. I found myself working long hour days for something I was not passionate about and questioning myself as to why I was doing this?!

Just by luck a new opportunity came up and I grabbed it as quick as I could. Im a strong beliver in the fact that we only have one life and we must do what makes us happy, reach our goals, take risk and belive in yourself as you can achieve anything. Its hard because many of us put to much pressure on ourselves thinking why have we not got this or why have we not done this, with all the social media thrown in your face its hard not to think it, you will be surpised that so many people are in the same boat, but focus on yourself and focus on what you want out of life, make sure what you are doing makes you happy. Time goes so quickly and there has been days when I feel my years are slipping through my fingers, so this is why if I am not happy I make the change.

I have taken time to really think how I want my blog to be, trying different layouts and texts to see what I think will suit my posts. I am still new to blogging and I am learning something new each day. There is so much more that I want to add and include so hopefully researching and playing with different layouts will able me to do this. Finally having more time on my hands I can get back into sharing new looks and styles, doing something that I love. I got my hands on this gorgeous printed dress and paired it with a simple statement coat, the cold weather is coming and this sleevless coat just helps keep the breeze off.

                                                         : Coat, Topshop : Dress, Topshop- similar Topshop :     


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