The Magical Bali

I was lucky enough to visit Bali an Indonesian island with one of my close friends, we trekked around the island for two weeks, exploring through Ubud, Gili Trawangan and Seminyak. We did three days in Ubud where we went to the rice fields situated in Tegalalang Village which is a must do. The views are awesome and everything is so green. Just watch out for the locals working on the fields, they try and direct you to them and when you pass they ask for money, on one occasion one farmer almost did not let us through because we said no to tipping him. Despite that its interesting seeing how the rice fields work and even just taking in the sights is mind blowing.

We also visited the Volcano, and went to the Satria Coffee Plantation which is a very organic farm that gives you a glimpse of how they make the famous Luwaak coffee. What's more is you get to taste some of what they grow, whilst being spoilt with amazing views.

Temples we visited where Goa Gajah the elephant cave and also Tirta Empul temple, the Holy Spring Water temple where people take baths in the spring water for blessings. Both of them gave you a good insight to the culture and history whilst you capture some beautiful pictures of the temples. Another great place to go is the Monkey temple, this very popular just be careful as they are not afraid to come up close to you, sometimes even taking your things. I would recommend staying in Ubud for at least four or more days, there is lots to do there and everything is beautiful and green. We stayed in the central part of Ubud in a beautiful place called Komaneka at Rasa Sayang I can not fault it, the staff were very polite and welcoming.

After our stay in Ubud we ventured over to Gili T a small Island, the journey there was a bit different. We took a fast boat over where it pretty much seems like the rules go out the window and you are all crammed into this boat, but we got there fast and that is what traveling is all about. WARNING If you get sea sick I would advise you to take something, the sea can be a little bit rough on the journey. We stayed here for five nights, I would recommend staying for four nights. The island is very small so there is not a lot of things to do unless you visit the other Gili islands next to it, but saying that it is a must, the beaches are lovely and they go around by horse and carriage and bikes, the nightlife is great as well. You can snorkel or scuba dive, watch the sunset and sunrise and just chill on the beach. Gili T is very I mean VERY laid back, so you do have to except to wait for your food and drink orders they are in no hurry, but that is island life!

Seminyak was our last destination, this was full of temples, good food and restaurants and also great beaches where you can learn to surf. A must do is the Kecak and fire dance at Uluwato Temple watch them dance into the sunset. Seminyak is more up market we stayed in an amazing hotel called TS Suites, the infinity pool over looks Seminyak it lives up to the 5 star that it is.

 Take a look at what we got up to!


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