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Capri is famed for its rugged landscape, upscale hotels and shopping, from designer fashions to limoncello and handmade leather sandals. The Isle of Capri is a classy and beautiful holiday destination. It is also a favourite day-trip destination and a summer favourite of holidaying VIPs. Inevitably, the two main centres, Capri Town and its uphill rival Anacapri, are almost entirely given over to tourism, with the high prices that follow. 

Capri is a hot spot for celebrities and many wealthy people. Piazza Umberto better known as La Piazzetta the heart of Capri. It’s a tiny square but always bustling, with every seat of the four bars packed to the rafters, and the perfect spot for people watching. One evening I sat in an open bar and watched people walking by, I was truly fascinated with every single man and women that walked past me. Each and every one of them just oozed beauty, from the way they dressed even down to the detailing of their hair, earrings and lipstick, every part of them looked endearing. During the day it can become very touristy but by night the streets and people come alive.
I spotted a lot of men wearing smart shirts with their jumpers tied over their shoulders, and women wearing long dresses, silks, or printed vibrant garments. There is a selection of high-end shops like Dolce & Gabbana, Channel and Gucci and then lots of boutiques and Italian shops, the clothes are
beautifully made which is something the Italians are very well known for. You could get lost in all the shops.

Whilst we were there we ate at some fantastic restaurants one called da gelsomina, which was recommended by our hotel,
it was full of Italians which is always a good sign, the food was amazing and it was by far one of the best places I ate all week.
Towards the end of the evening the locals serenaded us as they started singing all their beautiful Italian songs, 
with other guests joining in. It was very romantic. 
We also ate at Panorama Capri here we were well looked after and the food and views were spectacular I can not fault it,
it is close to La Piazzetta the heart of Capri so after, you can venture out into town and experience the night life. 

Whilst we visited Capri we explored around some of their historical villas such as villa san michele, the house museum created by the 19th century Swedish writer and physician Axel Munthe, which boasts one of the island's most panoramic views. 

If you want views visit Giardini di Augusto close to the centre and only steps away from the Charter house of San Giacomo, the Gardens of Augustus are comprised of a series of panoramic flower-decked terraces overlooking the Faraglioni on the one side and the Bay of Marina Piccola and Via Krupp on the other. I would suggest picking a nice sunny day because it can get quite windy at the top. 

You will get an amazing view of the I Faraglioni rocks, the extraordinary and rugged beauty of Capri is signified by these timeless rock formations jutting from the sea. The signature sight of Capri is the three rocky "stacks" which are I Faraglioni. The three rock outcroppings peeking up from the sea create one of the most recognisable and captivating landscapes in the world. I would defiantly recommend hiring a boat, as this is one of the loveliest ways of experiencing the beauty of Capri is out at sea, away from the crowds. There are boat and tour companies that can arrange everything. 
We hired a boat from Positano we took a rib out for a whole day, with two lovely friends that we met on our travels. If you are experienced with boats then you can drive it yourself or you can be taken on your own private tour, which ever you feel more comfortable with. We took the boat back over to Capri, which took us 30-40 minutes and then toured all the way around Capri which you can do in Two and half hours. It was magnificent, we explored all the grottos and got up close and even drove through the famous I Faraglioni, it is an amazing way to see the whole island it is a must do. We anchored up next to the Main Marina Grande in Capri and stopped for a spot of lunch. Unfortunately whilst we were visiting the Blue Grotto was not open because the sea was too rough but we were able to explore lots of the other grottos and the sea was also very blue and clear inside them.

One day we walked down to the I Faraglioni by foot, warning there are a lot of steps but once you are down there it is mind blowing, the sea was rough when we went but this made it more spectacular as we watched the waves crashing against the rocks, we were the only ones down there despite there being a restaurant as this was closed. It was calming and spiritual allowing you to connect with your soul releasing a beautiful feeling. The island is spectacular and there are more things that you can experience on this island. 

Whilst exploring around Capri and Positano we made friends with lots of lovely Americans, went dining with them, boating and also to some of the local bars. I would highly recommend visiting Capri everyone is welcoming you will be sure to meet lots of new people and have a romantic getaway or a tres chique weekend away with friends.


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