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I recently visited the beautiful Positano, it is a cliffside village which sits beautifully on the southern Italy's Amalfi Coast. It's a well-known holiday destination with a pebble beachfront and steep, narrow streets lined with boutiques and cafes. Seen from below, the buildings seem to have been stacked one on top of another, climbing from the tiny crescent bay towards the cliffs that loom precipitously over the town. The pastel colours - primrose, pink, terracotta, peach and white, give the town a theatrical aspect that couldn't be mistaken for anywhere else.  It is very picturesque which is perfect for every blogger. 

I must say, whilst I was looking for places to stay and because I left it quite last minute everything does get booked up and fast. I made a very big mistake, which I will share with you, so you do not make the same mistake too. I had travelled majority of the day to Positano, once I arrived I trekked it down to the bottom of the beach where I was told my hotel was. After arriving at the hotel I went to check in but I was told that I was not on their books. I showed them my booking and to my horror I had booked a different hotel but with the same name in a completely wrong area, which was the other side of the island called Polignano, it is roughly a four hour drive away! Luckily the hotel had one room free so I was able to book this. I ended up staying in the beautiful Covo Dei Saraceni here is the link I was reassured that this does happen quite often, but make sure it does not happen to you !!

Positano has some many beautiful quirky lanes with lots of different shops, I would recommend hiring a car so you can drive to different places and also drive the Almalfi Coast. This village is full of colour and enriching blue seas. You can explore around the village, find quiet beaches and also trek up to some of the viewpoints.

I ate at some wonderful restaurants, one that is called il Ritrovo it is high up and has beautiful views. It is worth asking your hotel to book you a table and ask for a table near the front over looking the cliffs. They also run a free shuttle bus, which is perfect as it takes you up and down the winding roads. I also hired a boat and drove it to Capri where I went round the whole Island exploring the grottos. This is a must do (if you like boats and the sea) it was perfect and beautiful. It is a great way to see the outskirts of the Island.

Italians are well known for their fashion, all their clothes are beautifully made and whilst visiting Positano what better way to express your style through the streets. Of course I bought a classic panama hat, I paired it with bold red earrings and a white dress, which stands out against the beautiful tones of colours in Positano. I saw a lot of women wearing white or many wearing stripes these seemed to be the key trends, which I kept spotting. I am a HUGE lover of silks so in the evening I would slip into something more light and wear silks which made me feel luxurious.

I would highly recommend visiting this beautiful quaint village and adding it to your bucket list of places to visit. xox



  1. Hi Roxy, I found your blog! Enjoyed reading and thinking back on the lovely Positano? Mary Pat in Charlotte NC

  2. Lovely to hear from you Mary Pat, we thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both. Aww the beautiful Positano! Let's go back! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your travels. I have sent you an email let me know if you haven't received it. Hope you are both doing well, Thanks a lot roxy

  3. Hi Roxy, I have not received an email from you. Hmmm. How can I get my email to you without giving it out to the world who reads your blog?
    Yes, Positano was too pretty to be real. From there we traveled to Rome where we had to visit the iconic sights. Bu tthat made for a quite busy time. Not near as relaxing as the Amalfi Coast!


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