Finding that perfect teddy coat

You have probably seen those super cosy and comfy teddy coats, all over bloggers Instagram's and social media. But which one would be the perfect one for you and where can you buy them from.
I did some research and I also purchased a few for myself, to see what coat would work well and sit on me correctly, because I could defiantly go from looking cute and chic to a pimp daddy! 

As the days are getting a lot colder now what better way to wrap up and keep warm by wearing a big fluffy oversized coat, that feels like you are in your dressing gown... GOALS! I searched high and low for one that I loved, and as you can see in my pictures I am so happy with this coat. After searching the web I did not have much luck but whilst I was in London down Oxford street, during one of the most busiest times of the year, that was black Friday. Yes I timed it right, but I actually stumbled across this teddy coat in Urban Outfitters, plus it was part of their black Friday deal .. GET IN! I was back and forth trying on the medium or small (worrying about that pimp look), but I finally decided the small would work better for me and would 100% suit me more, also allowing me to still fit a thick jumper underneath it. There is nothing worse then when you put a jumper on underneath your coat and you can't move your arms, restricting you from doing things like hugging your friends or even reaching for an item on a rail! ;)  
I have got to say though, this coat is super comfy and so warm the teddy name really does suit it. If you are thinking of buying one for your self or as a Christmas present I would defiantly recommend this 

: Here are a few others that I would recommend :

Bohoo Freya Boutique Longline Faux Fur Coat this coat feels gorgeous and soft, it is longline faux fur fabric instead of short pile teddy bear fabric. It is well made but it does tend to moult a little bit, so make sure you are not wearing your best jeans. 

H&M they have really upped their fashion and branding recently and are defiantly at the top of their game. Watch out high street brands H&M is killing it!  In their collection of coats they have a few short and long pile, I tried this one on H&M Short pile it was great but I wanted a longer coat which sat below the knee, and also being fair I do have to be a bit careful with beige colours as I can looked washed out. 

Next is also one to check out, I tried on two of their coats one being a red woollen boucle coat and seeing as red is a key colour for this season I thought I must try it Next red coat. The colour was perfect and sumptuous but the fitting was not what I was after. Another one of Next's coat is the Pink Faux Fur coat. Now this one really felt luxurious, the short pile fur was so soft it felt beautiful on my hands. The colour is gorgeous too so it is worth trying on, the shape did not quite suit me but who's to say it wouldn't look gorgeous on you!

Topshop have a super cute Longline borge coat which is a dark emerald green colour, beautiful I love this colour. It sits right and looks chic, it is an all round nice coat. Perfect for a gift as well.

Mango, now I love mango and I have recently fell more in love with them. Their coats are defiantly worth looking at, if you want something which is a little more edgy, and with a slight contrast this would be the one for you! Mango contrast coat, it has a pop pink colour which sits around the bottom of the cuffs, so if you are looking for an extra little something with a different style this would be it!

Pull & Bear have a wide range of faux fur coats and if you are looking for a shorter style coat that is lighter, then this one would work. Pull and Bear Faux fur, it also comes in different colours so whichever one takes your fancy. 

Max Mara, if you don't have a budget and you want something that is defiantly an iconic coat then I highly recommend Max Mara's Teddy Bear Coat, or the beautiful Red Teddy Bear coat. Be sure to catch celebrity Kim Kardashian and blogger Caroline Daur wearing one of these pieces. The coat is oversized and made with camel wool, defiantly an investment piece that will hold its wear.

I hope this post has helped you find the perfect coat for your winter wardrobe, and saved you going through the hassle of searching for that special one.


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