How to Mix and Match Reds Like a Pro..

: Playing with a bold colour and pulling it off :

Is Red Right For You?
The first thing you want to ask yourself when educating yourself on how to wear red is, if it is a colour that is right for you. Undoubtedly, red is a colour that calls a lot of attention and focus when worn. I absolutely J'adore Red and being blonde it emphasises the colour of my hair but it does take confidence to pull it off. If you want all eyes on you then red will most definitely do this!
When it comes to giving advice on how to wear red, the first thing you should ask yourself does this colour suit my personality? Can you stand up to the power of red? And do you feel comfortable wearing it? You need confidence to wear red as a main colour in an outfit, especially if you plan to wear it head to toe. So firstly, you need to ask yourself if red is right for you? Everybody is different and it is what makes you feel and look your best that matters most.
Lets get to the main part.. There are many different tones in red from warm red to cool red

Warm red is slightly more yellow whilst cooler red is slightly more blue, there are lots of different shades on the spectrum, some are more vibrant, softer or muted. If you start by identifying if warm or cool red is best for you, as knowing which shade of red works best, will then help you pull off wearing it from head to toe like a pro!

Mixing the shades

As you can see in the above picture I have mixed the red hues. Here, I am working with more cooler reds, I find these suit my skin and hair colour more, they would normally be my go to shades. Everyone has their own preference, some people like to stick to one shade and then add in different coloured accessories. My personal preference and what I have done here is combined three different colours of red. I feel confident doing this and mixing the colours makes my outfit more appealing. Below I have put together a table to help you if you wanted to combine three different shades of red. 

Adding different hues, firstly pick your basic normal red shown as the first circle on the graph above. Depending on which reds you think suit you more you can take the colour hues from the graph to help guide you on what works well together. 

Tint, these are softer reds and pinks or more warmer reds. I would combine these three together by starting with either the bold red for your trousers, the light pink for your blouse and the rose pink as your blazer, or the other option would be to use the bold red as your blouse and either pinks for your blazer and trouser.  

Shade, now this is adding a slight black to the hue darkness and coolness. As you can see this is exactly the same as what I have styled together for my outfit as shown above. These colours all work well together, the tones help to emphasise the look and they bounce of each other, I absolutely love this outfit, you can't go wrong with it. If you wanted too you could swap the bold red trousers and have that colour for your blouse.

Tone, adding grey to the hue will create a degree of difference in the reds intensity of colour. The rich red colour and the slight grey tones will mix beautifully together. Again I would style these similar to how I have above or I would wear a red blazer, dark plum trousers and a light red/plum blouse. Perfect!!

You can use this graph above as a base line to help you select the colours that will work well together when you mix and match the reds. Simply pull out the garments you have in mind, and either lay them on the floor or hang them amongst each other, so you can create the look as if you would be wearing it. Revert back to this graph and the order in which I would wear them stated above, then hopefully those combined will help you get the look!! Accessorise by using a different shade colour, I have worn white Adidas pumps with my look. You can also use a scarf to accessorise, for example a dark blue scarf would work well with this look or a black scarf would too. Keep the accessories a different colour to the red.   

The most important thing to consider is how you feel when you wear it. Regardless of whether you look good and consider yourself educated on how to wear red, it’s important to make sure this is a colour you enjoy wearing. What we wear can have an effect on our mood and how we feel. Always make sure you feel good in yourself and the clothes you are styling yourself in. 
Be confident and own it, remember if you need any extra help or tips I am always here. If you get stuck just send me pictures and I will help you combine the colours. But mostly have fun and enjoy it. Life is worth living and we all deserve to be happy in oneself!  

    TrousersMango These are similar to mine which I purchased from Mango, if you want a tight fit go for your normal size or for one down. If you want a slightly looser fit go for the next size up like I have!

Blazer- Mine is from Mango, simular Zara which is a nice deep maroon red, or they also have a burgundy red blazer which is super cute too Zara

BlouseMango this one is simular to mine, it has a bow around the neck instead of being a polo-neck.

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  1. Wow so much to take in. Thanks for this beautiful. You look great! I love how comfortable this outfit is. Wonderful!

    1. Thank you so much! That's ok no problem at all, so glad you liked it :D thanks for your kind words. Have a lovely day xx

  2. Lovely combinations of reds dear. Such a chic and edgy look! Love the white sneakers too.

    Jessica |

    1. Thank you lovely, and thanks for the comment. So glad you like it too! Hope you have a fabulous week xx


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